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What exactly is a MicroPractice?

A MicroPractice is a business model for practicing chiropractors. This isn’t something extraordinarily new – but what is new is putting together a program, course, and movement behind the MicroPractice concept.

Having a MicroPractice means keeping your overhead low, your profits high, and your stress low. To put it in a few words – simplicity…profitability…sanity. Now who wouldn’t want that in their business model?

Who should consider having a MicroPractice?

There is no limit to who a MicroPractice would be good for.  Here are some possibilities:

  • An associate who is interested in having their own practice but is just worried about the leap from employee-to-business owner.  
  • A practice owner who is exhausted with the grind of owning a business.  This is typically someone who says “I love chiropractic…but I just hate the business part of it.”  
  • A mother (or father) who has taken some time away from practice to have/raise children and really wants to get back into practice, but just can’t see how they will manage the demands of a full-time practice schedule AND cover all of their parenting responsibilities.  
  • A practice owner who has had the large practice for decades and is looking to slow down and add more life-work balance.  Someone who still wants to practice, but wants other things as well – travel, hobbies, etc. This person typically says “I know I SHOULD retire, but I just love practicing chiropractic so much!” 
  • A chiropractic student considering opening their own practice after graduation (gasp…it is possible!).

How can I be a part of the MicroPractice program?

There are lots of ways to be involved!  

  • Our website has lots of resources for you to use at no charge. 
  • Want to have a chat with Dr. Margie about specific concerns/goals?  Feel free to schedule a time here.  
  • MicroPractice Course – this is an 8-week course that will take you through step by step how to have a MicroPractice of your very own.
  • Membership to the MP website
  • Continuous support and calls when needed.  
  • Social Media connection and groups
  • Future Live Events (yay!)

Why was the MicroPractice course and program developed?

Because it’s okay for us to dream of having small practices! Sure…are huge practices seeing 1000 patients per week having massive impacts in their communities? Definitely. But does that model of practice appeal to all of us in chiropractic? Nope. And we certainly aren’t less-of-a-chiropractor because we want something on a smaller, simpler scale. That’s why the MicroPractice program was developed – to help chiropractors have their very own MicroPractice AND to offer support to those chiropractors already in this type of model.

What type of support can I expect?

“Anything you want…you got it” ~ Roy Orbison
In our experience, each person works and learns differently. Some people will digest all of the information on our site and course and implement immediately and seamlessly. Others may need further support and explanation based on their circumstance.

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