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A Chiropractic Practice Model That Brings Better Balance In Your Life

Simplicity. Profitability. Sanity.

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Does The Thought of A Large Practice Overwhelm You?

Are you an associate who feels the leap to private practice is too much?

Are you a parent struggling to find the practice and family balance?

Have you lost your excitement and enjoyment in practice?

Are you a practice owner struggling to turn a high profit?

Are you a student who feels you can make it in practice but needs some guidance?

Are you tired with all the stress associated with owning a chiropractic practice?

“Using Dr. Margie’s practice model and strategies has helped me start a practice from nothing to profitable in a few short months!”

Dr. Michael Nevius


Love Your Systems

Proven processes to make your practice efficient.

Love Your Profit

Keeping a micro overhead is key to high profit.

Love Your Practice

Reignite your passion and excitement in practice.

Love Your Life

Building a dream practice to fit into your life.

The MicroPractice Is Built For Situations Just Like These

Associates looking to transition to private practice

Parents wanting the ideal practice-family balance

Practice owners wanting to simplify their life

Practice owners struggling

Students wanting to skip the associateship

If you’re tired of the stress and strain of a traditional Chiropractic practice model, then a MicroPractice could be right for you.

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Discover how a MicroPractice has helped Chiropractors like you decrease their stress and increase their profits

What Makes The MicroPractice Different Than Other Practice Models?

The traditional career trajectory in chiropractic has been the same for decades. Get your diploma (AND a ton of debt)….work as an associate (typically making a terrible salary)…then somehow get your office (the BIGGER the BETTER)…and brag all about your numbers and square footage at the next big seminar. Anytime I heard others speak about their big offices and 1000s of patient visits, it never resonated with me. I always wanted another way to practice…and that’s when the MicroPractice came along.

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I have had the traditional practice in my career….in my first practice in downtown Chicago. Although it wasn’t huge sizewise, the overhead, staff, marketing, hours, and patient visits were high and I just didn’t see how this type of hustle was going to be sustainable throughout my life. At the time, I was just out of school and didn’t have a family so I thought it was the type of practice I had to have. I wish I would have had someone to guide me into a MicroPractice earlier in my career.

The biggest difference chiropractors experience in their own MicroPractice is the absolute joy they experience going into their practices everyday. Since I have had my own MicroPractice, I have loved every time I step into my practice. It’s not only a wonderful place patients come to heal and thrive, but it’s a point of pride in my own life – I’ve created something that leaves a big impact on my community!

If you’re tired of the same old game in chiropractic, consider a MicroPractice. Regain your love for practice by reducing your stress and increasing your profits!


"After watching Dr. Smith start her practice, it wasn't long before I became envious of what she created. The micropractice concept is the perfect model to creating a profitable practice in a minimal amount of time. Using her practice model and strategies has helped me start a practice from nothing to profitable in a few short months. I highly recommend Dr. Margie. She has the knowledge, experience and systems in place to help a small practice be a huge success!"

Dr. Michael Nevius, D.C.


"Having a MicroPractice as a chiropractor is THE way to go today. With the current economy, starting small and simple not only keeps the overhead low, but allows you to practice however you want. Dr. Margie’s practice is completely built around her life - her family and children come first but she still has this lovely, successful set-up. Whether you are starting out as a student or looking to start over/simplify, the MicroPractice is the ideal model and Dr. Margie is the expert to learn from."

Dr. Katharina Welbourn, D.C.


"I’m so excited for you to experience the prospect of having a simple, fun, immensely profitable practice by taking the lead of Dr. Margie Smith! She has a lifetime of experience building and flourishing in the niche of the MicroPractice. Small on overhead - BIG on impact! This program is a step-by-step guide with clear communication and organization to lead you to the practice of your dreams!"

Dr. Stephanie Maj, D.C.


"I can personally testify to the common mistake of building a business with too many moving parts and pieces. The larger office is not always the solution. I love how Dr. Margie has simplified the process and optimized the profitability! And THAT makes practice fun!"

Dr. Randall Johns,
Founder of CEO Happy Healthy, LLC

We have helped chiropractors across the country build sustainable, stress-free practices while maintaining balance in their life.

How the MicroPractice Simplification Plan Works

1. Get Access to The MicroPractice Course

This 8-week online course is filled with content to take you step-by-step through the process of having a MicroPractice of your own.

2. Streamline
Your Practice

Implementation is key with this process but you are not alone – we are here to help guide you along the way for your specific needs.

3. Eliminate Stress.
Regain Balance.

True happiness is knowing that you are mastering your practice, your personal health and life, and important relationships.

Get Free Access to the MicroPractice Master Class

Four videos to help you simplify your practice, increase your profit and enjoy your life.

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What Does The MicroPractice Coaching Program Include?

8 Week Online Class

Private Facebook Group

Live Weekly Coaching

In Person Events

Interviews With Experts

Your MicroPractice Questions Answered

What Is Not having A MicroPractice Costing You?

Simply stated…the REAL life you could be living. Isn’t that what we teach our patients? Chiropractic care will help unlock their life’s full health potential? But yet we remain stuck in a practice model that can eventually bring our own health and lives down. How many chiropractors have you heard having heart attacks or strokes? Or other major health events that are forcing them out of their practice due to disability. Will having a MicroPractice guarantee these health issues won’t happen in your life? Of course not. But why set yourself up for the possibility of these stress-related outcomes when there is a simple and stress-free way to practice. And more importantly…live your life!

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